You said, we did: Results from the 2014 parent satisfaction survey


In September, you were invited to feedback on your childcare voucher scheme in our annual survey of scheme members. We had a fantastic response from parents on the scheme which has been very useful in identifying areas for improvement. In order to ensure that your childcare voucher scheme continues to meet your needs, we have created an action plan to implement changes based on the survey results. Some of these actions have already been completed, and some are just around the corner.

You said We did
Less than half of respondents were aware that there will be changes to childcare vouchers in autumn 2015 We have provided employers and childcare providers with a TFC Communication Toolkit to help understand and communicate the changes. This can be downloaded from the TFC Hub: 
Many parents are unsure which scheme is likely to save them more. We have created a Childcare Savings Calculator so you can find out which scheme is likely to save you and your family the most money. Simply visit to find out. 
Majority of respondents are unaware that childcare vouchers can be used to pay for private tuition, care elements of Independent boarding schools and music and drama lessons. We will continue to promote through brochures, posters and our monthly parent newsletter to drive awareness of all the activities which can be paid for using childcare vouchers. 
Many parents are unaware of the Tax-Free Childcare Information Hub. This is an impartial site which provides regular legislative updates on the changes to childcare. We have advertised this Info Hub on the MoD Childcare website and your childcare voucher account, so you have greater access to the information. 
Many respondents are aware of the great offers available, but only a few are taking advantage of the discounts. The parent offer site is getting a make-over! The new design will include new offer categories and an improved, user-friendly navigation to make it more engaging and targeted to what you’ve said you’d like to see. Watch this space…





The results:

As a result of your responses, we raised a fantastic £1000 for Help for Heroes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and give their honest feedback. We always love to hear from the parents on our scheme, so if you would like to share any comments or suggestions, please get in touch >