How Do I Know How Much To Take?

The amount you can take per month is up to you, within the limits of your total earnings (please see the table below). The childcare vouchers you receive are valid for 18 months (and renewed if necessary) and can be spent whenever you want, so it doesn’t matter if your childcare costs vary – you can still take vouchers each month and keep them for when you need them. Please round the amount you require up or down to the nearest whole pound.

Changes to childcare voucher entitlements and eligibility came into effect from April 2013. This may affect which earnings threshold you fall into and, as a result, may alter the maximum amount you can take in childcare vouchers. Please see below the savings you could make if you joined or join after April 6th 2013.

Your Total Earnings Amount
Up to but not exceeding £45,000 (basic) £30 – £243
Greater than £45,000 but less than £150,000 (higher) £30 – £124
Over £150,000 (additional) £30 – £110

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